The Talks Stage will have an intense schedule during the period intended for the Experiences and Expositions in the Congress program. On this stage, we are bringing specialists to debate themes such as Mental Health, Anti-Racist Sport, Anti-Doping, Competition Manipulation, and Violence, Abuse, and Harassment Prevention, among others.


Health System and High-Performance Athletes

19/03 08:20-08:50

Alvaro Razuk

Diretor médico da NewOn


Prevention of Violence, Harassment, and Abuse in Sport

19/03 09:00-09:30

Paulo Schmitt

Legal Consultant of the Brazilian Gymnastics Confederation

Gabriela Bastos

Project manager of the Tackling Violence Against Women area of UN Women


Mental Health in High-Performance Sport: Promotion, Prevention, and Treatment

19/03 12:50-13:20

Aline Wolff

Leader of the mental preparation area of the BOC and Doctor of Psychology

Antônio Carlos Moreno

BOC Master Coach and Master of Physical Education

Hélio Fádel

BOC Psychiatrist, Member of the International Society for Sports Psychiatry (ISSP) and the Brazilian Psychiatry Association (ABP)


Anti-Racist Sport: Everyone Wins

19/03 13:50-14:20

Fábio Eon

Coordinator of the UNESCO Social and Human Sciences Program (SHS)

Janeth Arcain

Olympic Medalist in Basketball in Atlanta 1996 and Sydney 2000


Tackling Competition Manipulation

19/03 18:40-19:10

Paulo Schmitt

BOC Integrity Consultant in the prevention and tackling of competition manipulation

Sebastian Pereira

Executive Manager of High-Performance and International Games and Operations for the BOC


Nutritional Planning for the Olympic Games

19/03 19:30-20:00

Caroline Yoshioka

Scientific Consultant/Speaker for Aminovital – Ajinomoto do Brasil and Nutritionist in charge of SERC Ginástica Artística São Caetano do Sul and Clube Paineiras


Doping Control – Innovation and Perceptions for the Future

20/03 08:10-08:40

Anthony Moreira

Technical director of the Brazilian Doping Control Authority (ABCD)

Christian Trajano

BOC Manager of Doping Education and Prevention

Filipe Braida do Carmo

Professor of the Computer Science Program of the Federal Rural University of Rio de Janeiro (UFRRJ)

Henrique Pereira

Coordinator of the Brazilian Doping Control Laboratory (LBCD) – LADETEC – IQ – Federal University of Rio de Janeiro (UFRJ)