Sport Innovation Award

This current Congress edition launches a great new: Sport Innovation Award – a contest of solutions for the challenges faced by sports in Brazil.

The predefined challenges for the award are about two topics of great importance for the national sport:

  1. Development system of talented athletes, looking for options in different areas;
  2. Integration of the national sport system, aiming to improve the synergy and complementarity of actions and decision making.

Considering the challenges presented, the idea is that Brazilians or foreigners working in different knowledge areas, academic and corporative environment, research centres, incubators, project accelerator, startups and others,  present sport management and innovation project that bring effective solutions, sustainable and high impact for all national sports productive chain.

The projects will be presented in different forms such as products, services, softwares, apps, systems, politics, procedures, disruptive methods and others.

The winning projects, besides being exhibited in the Congress Exhibition, will apply to the following awards:

Applications will be open from November 17, 2020 to May 17, 2021.

The contest is only held in Portuguese.